Picking The Perfect Christmas Tree

Its Christmas already and it means one thing… putting the tree up (!!!!!!!). Every year Dad and I always have the tradition of getting the tree and deciding on the perfect tree which always turns out too big but HEY HO its Christmas lets go overboard on everythingggggg.


Every year its always cold and always busy (especially when you see ‘your’ perfect tree and then someone else steals it lol) but this year was empty and a surprisingly quick visit. We normally look around for a half hour but this was seemed so much quicker and only the choice between two trees instead of the normal 10.

IMG_3894This year we went for fluffy compared to height (the left one). But the whole time we were deciding the tree, we were thinking we could get the smallest tree or even the tallest one, it wouldn’t matter as the cat would either love it and be all over it (which she is every day). Considering it is her first Christmas why wouldn’t she be exited over this new, big, green object that she can jump on and knock all the baubles off – I mean its a new play zone why not climb to the top n chill ?!?!!

Here’s to the many more tree antics with the cat in the future as well as the memorable ‘perfect tree’ finding with dad.



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