Top 3 Eyeshadow Palettes

Throughout the last six months I have tried to mix up my makeup a bit by using eyeshadows more – I mean, I haven’t been one for experimenting with colours. BUT I have been loving using browns (yes, that is experimenting for me) and starting to understand colours and what looks great for my eyes. So, I thought I would share my three favourite palettes which I have been loovvinggg and will defiantly be using again and again.

Anastasia Beverly Hills : Modern Renaissance


This lil palette was only given to me a couple of days go for my birthday but I am already in love with it. Whilst wanting to experiment with colours I thought having the orange and pinks would compliment my eyes to brighten them up. It is already becoming such a ‘me’ palette. I just luuuuuuuv the shimmers and subtle transition shades.

My fave colours, left to right, are Love Letter, Primavera and Buon Fresco.


Morphe : 35N


This palette has turned into my ‘go to’ transition shades as it is filled with so many browns and dark tones which I have been obsessing over the past few months. Even if a palette doesn’t include the best darker tones, I will always turn to this palette to deepen the look or make the look better. Also, this palette is where I have loved using oranges over my lid a this really makes my blue eyes pop which has also been included in my fave colours. It also has nice cream and white-ish shades for a brow highlight.

Unfortunately, this palette doesn’t have any names which s frustrating so I cant share the colours but they are a dark orange and soft light browns.


IMG_3647MAC : Cool Neutral

IMG_3654This has been my favourite palette for a year now due to the white shadow ‘pick me up’. It is honestly the best setting colour on the lid as well as a good blending shade to get rid of any excess colour. The perfect colour to set the lid if you’re doing a colourful look as it blocks out any veins and mattes it. I have already hit pan on it and it is defiantly my fave colour out of the whole palette. I have also loved the colour next to it as a transition shade.

Favourite shades, left to right, Sun Tweaked, Cosy Grey and Pick me up.




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