What To Wear To a Wedding..

It’s closing in on the ‘summer’ wedding season I feel like and why not share a look into a lil sum sum that I wore to my cousins wedding just last week. Bare in mind the torrential rain all that week, it questioned everyone in heels if they would fall over on the muddy grass.

Now, considering this is my first wedding I have been too (both the reception & the evening do) I was frantically looking round for an outfit to wear. A dress? What happens if I’m cold. Trousers? What happens if its boiling hot and my legs stick together. SO many negatives and not enough positives. So, I went with the idea of collates and a two – piece.

It might look like a jumpsuit but this number is a co-ord and I thought wearing grey would be simple but effective with the black clutch and black heels. The ruffled top has two parts making it prettier and less basic although the trousers cling abit to ya booty even though it is a soft material.

T H E  L O O K

Co – Ord –      Boohoo      £20

Bag –              H&M          £12.99

Necklace –   Pandora

Shoes –         New Look



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