Markets in Menorca

Am back! This week has literally flown by and it makes me in need of another holiday AGAIN (no surprise there..). I’ve been flickering the idea of doing different posts from my holiday to Menorca without being similar to the older posts. BUT, since there were loads of markets in Menorca, I thought I’d share the variety of what they all had as well as a guide to where I went and would also recommend.

Menorca is one of the quietest islands of the three Balearic Islands so we thought that it would be completely silent but in a peaceful, relaxing way (which our hotel was (even though were used to the lively parts of any island)) however its nice to see that everyone is interested in markets even if it is repeated.

For all of these markets we did have to travel as we stayed in Arenal d’en Castell and the closest one from us was Es Mercadal although these markets were easy to reach via the buses.

Es Mercadal

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This market was the only night time one available when we stayed and it was the cutest and more local based compared to the other markets. Here, surrounded by the local shops and restaurants, lied the prettiest handmade jewellery and leather bags and of course – the crepes!!


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Cuitadella had only a small market near the Port but was still a good one. Not only were there loads of Solillas (which nearly tempted me) but there were also a range of beautiful jewellery which I was also tempted by. I was telling myself ‘I have to get a piece of jewellery’ ‘I want to treat myself with the see-through stone neckleces’ but in the end didn’t 😦 kindaaaa regret it but I know what I’m looking for next time I’m hunting new silver


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And…finally. The capital. Soon as we stepped off the bus it was right on our doorstep and the busiest with not just people but with the amount of stalls filled with different trousers, dresses, bracelets, bags and souvenirs. The one thing I bought from all three markets was a pair of black and white patterned shorts (which are too tight – typical me!) even though I was torn between a jumpsuit and an anklet. Also typical us to do this market on one of the hottest days we were there, loooool :))


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