Amsterdam Pt.3

The final instalment to the Amsterdam trilogy!! Right, lets get started straight away. The last day. The final day. The end of our first holiday together. 😦

We started off by planning the final things that we wanted to see as our flight was early morning the following day. I mean, what else was there to see when you’ve done most of it on the first two days??? We decided to go to walk through the Rijksmuseum and take our final photos when we came across a band which sounded AMAZING. I don’t know if they are regular performers there but their music sounds so classical and pleasing to the ear.


Anyway, we decided to go to the Heineken Experience (even though we both don’t like beer??) to see how it was made as Amsterdam is where it was originated and made. Walking round you get to see how everything was back in the past such as how they progressed to expansions due to popularity of the brand and how the building we were in, was the original building in which they started making. We also got to explore the uniforms and the family behind the brand as well as seeing the different packaging that each bottle had each year.

One part of the Experience showed us the making of the beers by giving us an incite to the ingredients which we learned was only four. There were tall glass containers filled with each ingredient while a speaker spoke to us how each ingredient is broken down then added to make the ‘great tasting beer’. We then looked at these MASSIVE containers which they use to mix all the ingredients together. They also offered barley & water and it was one of the most vilest tastes ever, why do people even like this?? During the next part of the tour (in which we queued for a half hour for), a video explained how each beer is made and transported everywhere and each of us on this ‘rollercoaster’ were individual beers just bobbling along to the music of the video.


FREE BEERS. I mean, cider would have been better. We got given two free tickets to get free alcohol which we certainly won’t turn down even though it is disgusting. Drinking 3 Heinekens at 11am, who were we?? But what we didn’t know is that we would be on the roof top overlooking beautiful Amsterdam. Pictures don’t do it justice but the view was amazing. You can also overlook some of the buildings which help produce the Heineken directly opposite.


Next. The next attraction. Sadly, the last attraction. The Dungeons. I wont go into much detail about this as I get hyped up that this was gunna be v v scary (no, I haven’t been to any dungeons – not even London) and I was bricking it. Let’s end it with me very so much not enjoying that attraction and continuing with the last evening of the best hol evaaa.

We headed back home and started to pack as we had an early flight and didn’t want to rush around in the early hours of the morning. As we wanted to hire a bike during our stay, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and do it round Vondelpark as they hired bikes. Whether it was the time of day or we weren’t looking hard enough, but there were no bike hiring places to be seen. If we stayed another day and spread out more of the attractions, we defiantly would have stayed an afternoon there and maybe had a little picnic and more time to relax (not like this holiday wasn’t relaxing at all).  Even so, it was a nice stroll around the park before heading for our final night time.

Ever such thing as too much photos??? naaaaaaa. I have loveeed Dam soo much and it is defiantly not the last time I will be visiting. The people, the food, the attractions and the VIEWS. My God the views, I mean canals at every corner – LOVE! Let’s round this post up with more canals because why not!? and such pretty views from outside of our hotel.


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